• Waterproofing
    A membrane installed to the AS3740 Standard

  • Air vent
    Increased underfloor ventilation

Custom Damp & Waterproofing provides remedial damp and waterproofing services for strata and individual clients.
As a fully licenced builder, Custom Damp & Waterproofing provides clients with a complete repair and rectification service. Not only do we provide the standard damp proofing service, we will ensure all render, carpentry, masonry, tiling and painting is repaired as part of the package.

Custom Damp & Waterproofing specialises in the following services;
- Rising Damp repair
- Under-floor ventilation services
- Waterproof membrane installation

Typical projects consist of;
- Damp and mouldy wall and wardrobe repairs caused by Rising Damp
- Eradication of musty smells caused by poor ventilation
- Bathroom or laundry under-tile membranes
- Membranes for exterior balcony or porch areas
- Small roof spaces where torch on membranes are not efficient

Please read our “information” pages for more information on some of the damp repair treatments we can provide. Feel free to speak to us directly in Sydney and Melbourne on 0439 712 782